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About Sterling

Sterling, the leader in Global AOG and Aviation Shipping Logistics.
Delivering unparalleled service and proven solutions.

The rapid transportation of valuable aviation parts and materials demands quick response time and precision handling. Since 1981, Sterling has been meeting this critical industry need swiftly and efficiently – offering you around-the-clock personalized service and on-time delivery every day of the year. At the forefront of innovations, Sterling sets the standards for the priority transportation industry and provides our extensive list of aviation clients an unparalleled level of service.

Our team of seasoned transportation specialists - with years of experience in the aviation industry - focus on providing global priority logistics solutions. We specialize in shipping everything from critical parts, AOG parts, rapid returns and manuals to dangerous goods, and can accommodate any size or weight.

We know that every minute counts, and your requests are met with speed, reliability and attention to detail to keep down time to a minimum. We offer a wide range of options including same day delivery in your country and overnight to most international destinations, and custom solutions that range from door-to-door, hold for pickup, priority freight, dedicated drives, specialized trucking, on board courier-handcarry and aircraft chartering, as well as import and export customs clearance and warehousing. Custom support includes aftermarket care and logistics consultation, a 24-hour help desk for emergency and technical assistance and consultation on VAT/Duty services.

From innovative solutions, to real-time tracking and monitoring to 24/7 access to our global network of specialists, no other company can offer you the same kind of expertise, speed and efficiency. We live and breathe urgency and we do it 24/7/365, nights, weekends, holidays. We never sleep so that you can.

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