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Mission Statement

Quick's mission is to provide the highest quality global transportation and logistics services for time-critical packages, urgent materials or out-of-the-ordinary shipping needs.

Quick will continue to develop our internal staff, infrastructure and global network to ensure that customers’ requests are never refused. In the most complex situations, we will combine and adapt all available resources to meet our customer’s needs and to ensure the results they expect.

We will practice the art of communication with our customers…and within our company. We will work together as a team; informed and knowledgeable, secure in our experience and ability, with full confidence that our individual efforts are supported by the entire Quick team.

We will act fairly and honestly with our customers and with each other. Delays or other service mishaps are dealt with promptly, to the best of our ability. We will take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of customers shipments tendered to our care. We will take no risks that might adversely affect performance and sacrifice quality.

Our experience affirms our belief that the world will recognize and reward character. We trust that it will always be so. We will continue to build upon our character, forever developing and extending to our customers our finest qualities as members of the Quick organization.