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How to complete Shipper's Declarations for Dangerous Goods when shipping oxygen cylinders in Aviation Logistics Blog

When preparing Oxygen Cylinders for air transport, you must complete a Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods. As always, accuracy is the key to avoiding potential delays. Our short training video details the proper way of completing the form.


6 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Supply Chain Intact During Natural Disasters in Aviation Logistics Blog

From a business standpoint, you know that some challenges are to be expected while others may appear with little or no warning. Unfortunately, these unexpected challenges are happening all too frequently lately. Whether it’s an earthquake, hurricane, volcanic eruption, or civil unrest, like the riots that recently devastated London, it is hard to plan for every global event. Read more...

Packaging and labeling oxygen cylinders for air transport in Aviation Logistics Blog

83110_30049_0.jpgPackaging oxygen cylinders is highly regulated since oxygen tanks are considered Dangerous Goods. Therefore, you must follow very specific instructions when packaging and labeling oxygen cylinders for safe air transport. 

Our short training video details the packaging and labeling requirements.


Significant regulation changes for shippers of Dangerous Goods in Aviation Logistics Blog

83110_30049_0.jpgThere are a multitude of rule changes in the 52nd Edition of the IATA DGR. They will affect shipping of magnetized materials, limited quantities goods, consumer commodities, infectious, radioactive materials and many others.

The new regulations will take effect on January 1, 2011. We have included a summary of the important changes.


Choosing the Best Service Option: NFO, OBC or Charter Service in Aviation Logistics Blog

firebottle.jpgYou know the scenario: you have that urgent aircraft part that your customer (internal or external) needs “yesterday”. But it may sometimes be difficult to choose the type of service that you truly need to meet your critical AOG deadline. Understanding the different service options can save you time, money and... headaches.

Find out what options are available to you. Explore the benefits of using NFO, OBC or Charter Services.


AOG Rush Shipments - How it's done the Sterling way in Aviation Logistics Blog

I was attending the annual NBAA Trade Show in Atlanta when Karin Muller, Sterling's Business Development Manager,  got a call from one of her customers about an urgent AOG delivery. I jumped at the opportunity to witness Sterling's AOG job in action.

Here is a brief photo account of a critical part delivery to a grounded aircraft. Read more...

How to Ship APU Fire Bottles as Non-Explosives in Aviation Logistics Blog

firebottle.jpgAs we all witnessed, worldwide security and anti-terrorist measures have created an atmosphere of fear and distrust with respect to transportation. With the recent security threat in Dubai, the situation will certainly intensify.

For obvious reasons, authorities are particularly vigilant and suspicious in the case of shipments of explosive devices, which has an adverse affect on the transporters’ ability to serve the Aviation Spares and AOG Community in shipping an article known in the industry as a “fire bottle.”