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Regulatory Update: New CFDI Export Regulations in Mexico in Aviation Logistics Blog

CustomsMexico.jpgMexico's Tax Authority (SAT) has confirmed that the CFDI (electronic invoice process) will be mandatory for all exports from Mexico effective March 1, 2017. The following process will be required:

1. Exporter submits a digital invoice via internet (CFDI) to SAT with all pertinent information including income (sale) or transfer (non-sale)

2. PAC (Companies who are authorized by SAT to process electronic invoices) receive the invoice back from SAT with a unique certificate number

3. Broker will present the invoice with the certificate number when creating the Pedimento. The invoice must be present in the SAT system or the Export Declaration/ Pedimento will be denied

Sterling Global Aviation is working closely with our customs broker and sponsors to ensure that we are in communication with SAT to stay updated on their decision and timeline for the implementation of the electronic invoice process in Mexico.

Regulatory Update: New CFDI Export Regulations in Mexico

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