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When We Change Our Clocks in Aviation Logistics Blog

Twice a year, the world enters a temporary time confusion when we have to change our clocks. In the spring, we move the clocks forward by an hour to gain more daylight in the evening. In the fall, we move it back one hour to use the extra sunlight in the morning. 


This year, the United States began its Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 9th. European Union will do the same on Sunday, March 30th. About 70 countries around the world adjust their clocks either in March or April, however many countries near the equator do not. Neither China nor Japan observe DLS.


Below is a list of countries that observe Daylight Saving Time:


Continent Country Beginning and ending days
Africa Egypt Start: Last Friday in April
End: Last Thursday in September
  Namibia Start: First Sunday in September
End: First Sunday in April
  Tunisia In 2009 the government of Tunisia canceled DST and kept the standard time all year round.
Asia Most states of the former USSR. Start: Last Sunday in March
End: Last Sunday in October
  Bangladesh Cancelled in 2010.
  Iraq Start: First Friday in April
End: Last Friday in October
  Israel  Start: Last Friday before April 2
End: The Sunday between
Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur
  Jordan Start: Last Thursday of March
End: Last Friday in September
  Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan Start: Last Sunday in March
End: Last Sunday in October
  Mongolia Start: Fourth Friday in March
End: Last Friday in September
  Palestinian regions  (Estimate)
Start: First Friday on or after 15 April
End: First Friday on or after 15 October
  Syria Start: March 30
End: September 21
Australasia Australia - South Australia, Victoria, 
Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, 
Lord Howe Island 
Start: First Sunday in October
End: First Sunday in April
  Australia - Tasmania Start: First Sunday in October
End: Last Sunday in March
  Fiji Stopped in 2000
New Zealand, Chatham
Start: Last Sunday in September
End: First Sunday in April
  Tonga Start: First Sunday in November
End: Last Sunday in January
Europe European Union 
Start: Last Sunday in March at 1 am UTC
End: Last Sunday in October at 1 am UTC
  Russia Permanent, as of February 2011
North America United States, Canada (excluding Saskatchewan and parts of Quebec, B.C., and Ontario),
Bermuda, St. Johns, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos
Start: Second Sunday in March
End: First Sunday in November
  Cuba Start: Third Sunday in March
End: Last Sunday of October.
  Greenland Same as EU
no longer observes DST
  Honduras Start: May 7 
End: August
  Mexico (except Sonora) Start: First Sunday in April
End: Last Sunday in October
no longer observes DST
South America Argentina.
Started Sun Dec 30, 2007
Ending 16 March 2008.
Practiced in 2009.
Not currently observed.
Equatorial Brazil does not observe DST.
Start: Third Sunday in October
End: Third Sunday in February
  Chile Start:October 11
End: March 29
  Falklands Start: First Sunday on or after 8 September
End: First Sunday on or after 6 April
  Paraguay Start: Third Sunday in October
End: Second Sunday in March
  Uruguay Start: First Sunday in October 
End: Second Sunday in March
Antarctica Antarctica (varies, see below)




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