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- Intact Supply Chain
- Faster Turnaround
- Reduced Loan Costs

Aircraft Parts Exchange Management

Tired of chasing aircraft return units or, worse, incurring the losses when they are not returned on time? Use Sterling’s Aircraft Parts Exchange Management program to save time and money.

Tracking core units, serial numbers and exchange units can be time consuming and can lead to increased costs as you backfill inventory to support your customers’ needs. To help, Sterling has developed an Aircraft Parts Exchange Management service designed to reduce turnaround time and keep your supply chain running - potentially saving you thousands of dollars each year.

Backed by more than 30 years of experience working with vendors, operators and OEMs, among others, our core return logistics solution gives you the tools you need to track advance exchanges directly to your internal and external customers while also improving inventory management to keep overhead low.

Our Exchange Management specialists will get exchange parts where they are going as quickly and securely as possible. At the time of delivery we provide your customer with return shipping instructions, whether the return unit is being sent back to the shipper or a third party vendor. We automatically send daily reminders that the exchange is still open until a pickup for the off unit is initiated – providing you with the part number, serial number and proof of delivery that you can track in real-time through our web-based customer care system, QuickOnline, for maximum visibility.

With this detailed, customizable exchange logistics service you can shave days off your repair and return processes. Specifically, Sterling’s Aircraft Parts Exchange Management program
gives you:

  • Same day or next day advance exchange delivery to most destinations worldwide
  • Detailed return shipping instructions provided to customers with delivery of core parts to streamline exchange processes
  • Automated daily reminders of open exchanges to all parties involved
  • Direct Next Flight Out or next day delivery of return units
  • Time stamped proof of delivery for advance exchanges and return of off units
  • Exchange tracking and real-time status, as well as tailored reports via QuickOnline detailing part numbers, serial numbers, aircraft FIN numbers and more

With Sterling’s Aircraft Parts Exchange Management service, you can get out of the business of trying to keep track of your return units – and get back to the business of repairing them.

Note: For more information download our Sterling Aviation Brochure.

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