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- Shorter Loan Time
- Lower Fees
- Speed and Reliability

AOG Loan-Borrow Recovery

Sometimes in an AOG situation, borrowing a part is the best solution – but it comes at a price. Let Sterling help you shave time off your loan and reduce your borrow fees.

Are your struggling with increasingly high loan fees and incurring additional daily borrow fees? Sterling developed its exclusive, AOG Loan-Borrow Solutions to help minimize your loan and borrow loan fees. With AOG Loan services, we help get borrowed parts to you as quickly as possible to minimize or even eliminate the potential impact of an AOG situation. Our Recovery Service focuses on reducing your overall expenses by speeding delivery of the part back to the airline, manufacturer or vendor that you borrowed from. We can even convert the loan into an exchange with our Exchange Management services.

Whether we’re delivering a loan or returning the borrowed part, we handle each shipment with the greatest care, speed and reliability. Our seasoned AOG experts work with youto choose the most cost effective and expedient solution – whether that’s Next Flight Out, Priority Freight, Handcarry or Chartered Aircraft. We offer same day or overnight delivery, which can cut your loan by a day when compared to conventional shipping services. Plus, our sophisticated tracking system allows us to follow the progress of your shipment every step of the way.

Specifically, Sterling’s AOG Loan-Borrow Recovery services offer:

  • 24/7 priority pick up from virtually any location worldwide
  • Same day or next day delivery to most destinations around the globe
  • Door-to-door, counter-to-counter or door-to-airport pick up and delivery, as well as hold for pick up and drop shipping services
  • Tracking from pick up right through to delivery for each individual shipment using the unique aircraft part number
  • In-depth information combined with expert logistics to ensure the integrity of your shipment throughout transit for an unmatched chain of custody
  • Innovative monitoring systems track shipments and send instant alerts in the event of potential delays so we can reroute as needed
  • A far-reaching global network of aviation and AOG companies to speed shipping processes
  • Specialized trucks with dedicated, skilled drivers to ensure the fastest delivery day and night
  • Automated proof of delivery by phone, fax, email or text within minutes of drop off, as well as access on the Web using QuickOnline – Sterling’s online shipping management system

With Sterling’s AOG Loan-Borrow Recovery services, we’ll not only help you get your aircraft back in the air by delivering the critical parts you need faster – we’ll help you save money by shortening your loan and minimizing the risk of lost returns. For more information download our Sterling Aviation Brochure.