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- Aircraft On Ground
  Emergency Solution
- Any Size or Weight
- 24/7 AOG Help Desk

AOG (Aircraft on Ground) Shipping and Logistics

When aircrafts are grounded, every minute counts to minimize the loss of revenue. Sterling's AOG Aircraft Parts Shipping Services can help get you back in the air as soon as possible.

Emergency AOG situations from an unscheduled maintenance,unforseen event, or lack of inventory can cost your company thousands every minute the plane is grounded. That’s why getting your parts where they are going as quickly as possible, day or night, anywhere in the world, is exactly what Sterling’s AOG Aircraft Parts Shipping does for you.

Our highly trained staff has an in-depth knowledge in aviation and aircraft parts logistics, working closely with all types of companies including vendors, OEMs, airlines and operators.

Our AOG Help Desk is staffed around the clock, enabling us to start the shipping process the minute your call is received. An extensive global network means we can provide the solution that best meets your critical needs. This includes Next Flight OutPriority Freight Shipping, Next Drive Out and Handcarry services, as well as Chartered Aircraft to get your parts where they need to go no matter how remote the location.

There are no size or weight restrictions since Sterling specializes in handling non-conforming, oversized, heavy weight and dangerous goods shipments. Plus, because we know the urgency of each situation, our experts keep you completely up-to-date so you know exactly where your shipment is every step of the way.

With just one call, Sterling’s AOG Aircraft Parts Shipping Services will give you access to the industry’s leading aviation solutions with:

  • 24/7 priority pick up and delivery to and from anywhere in the world
  • Same day or next day courier services for delivery to most destinations worldwide
  • Door-to-door, counter-to-counter or door-to-airport pick up and delivery, as well as hold for pick up and drop shipping services
  • Tracking from pick up through delivery using the unique aircraft part ID number combined with in-depth information for each individual shipment
  • Expert logistics and comprehensive chain of custody with a database that tracks the movement of your shipment to ensure integrity throughout transit
  • Sophisticated tracking systems that monitor your shipments and send alerts instantly when there is a threat of delay so Sterling can reroute as needed
  • Longstanding relationships with aviation and AOG companies around the world to expedite processes
  • Dedicated, trained drivers and specialized trucks for the fastest delivery – even after hours
  • Proof of delivery within minutes of drop off by phone, fax, email or text, as well as online via QuickOnline, Sterling’s Web-based shipping management system

When every minute counts, Sterling's AOG Shipping Services will help minimize losses by delivering your critical parts quickly and safely, so you can get your plane back in the air. For more information download our Sterling Aviation Brochure.