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Claus Engelbrechtsen

Executive VP Aviation Division

Sterling Courier

Herndon, VA


Global logistics for the Aerospace Industry: AOG next flight out shipping, critical aircraft parts shipping, rapid return of loan/borrow and pooled parts, 3PL global warehousing, handling of aircraft parts of any type and any size, including dangerous goods.


Claus enjoys world travel, golfing and sailing. He is an avid soccer fan and a soccer coach for children.


Claus Engelbrechtsen is the Executive Vice President of the Sterling Courier Aviation Division and is responsible for the business and product development on a global basis. His recent focus has been on the expansion of Sterling's global market share and the development of a stronger presence in the Middle East.

Claus has extensive industry experience. As the International Product Manager for Quick International Courier for 10 years, he was instrumental in the development of Sterling Aviation services worldwide. He traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia to expand a strategic service partner network and foster new business relationships in the Aviation industry. He also served as the Commercial Manager at SAS and Pitney Bowes, Inc., where he was responsible for new product development, cost control and M&A initiatives.

Claus was born in Denmark and moved to the US when he was twelve years old. He speaks all of the Scandinavian languages and travels home frequently for business and pleasure. He is married and lives in NJ with his wife, two children and his dog.