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Dominique Bischoff-Brown

CEO and President

Quick Group of Companies

New York, NY


Innovative logistics solutions, international logistics, global operations, strategic development.


Elimination of global poverty, universal health care and education, respect of humankind and the environment.


Dominique Bischoff-Brown is the Chief Executive Officer for the Quick Group of Companies around the world. Dominique has been instrumental in the success of the Quick Group, setting strategy and direction, ensuring continued financial stability and growth. She has modeled and set the company's culture and values.

Her focus has been on driving and maintaining high customer centric standards and solutions for the clients and industries Quick serves. She oversees global operations and quality assurance programs for the company and leads the senior executive team across the organization. She serves as the main link between the different business units within the company.

Dominique has been an integral part of Quick since 1983, and has helped to provide innovative logistics solutions for major industries, including life sciences, healthcare, aviation, high tech, legal, entertainment and financial.