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Unparalleled safety on the road with AirRideControl™,
a unique vibration monitoring system that meets the DOD
and military requirements for shipping critical components

Custom built

aviation-focused truck fleet
designed to provide fast, safe
and cost-effective services

GPS tracking

with status notifications every step
of the way


Immediate solutions with pick up around-the-clock.

Logistics that keep you flying

Expert ground logistics provided
by the leader in aviation transportation

Chain of custody, security and asset protection

Rain or shine, your parts are monitored and inside the covered truck at all times. End-to-end secure direct drive service with no consolidation.

Two custom curtain sides

Convenient for side loading of oversized, heavy freight. The 264L x 101W x 98H box is perfect for commercial jet engines, flaps, slats or other valuable and delicate parts as heavy as 10,000 lb

AeroRide™ – Priority Ground Logistics

Not all the oversized aircraft parts need an entire flatbed trailer, yet few fit into a standard box truck. Until now. Find out how Sterling's new AeroRide™ fleet of trucks gives you the fast, secure and cost-effective ground transportation you've been looking for to get your plane back in the air.

You lose money every minute a plane is grounded. And just because the parts you need are oversized, doesn’t make them any less critical. Traditionally that meant transporting them using more expensive and less secure flatbed trucks or struggling to get an appropriate vehicle at a moment’s notice.

That’s why Sterling, the leader in aviation logistics, created its specialized AeroRide™ Priority Ground Logistics service. Our new custom-built and aviation-focused team straight trucks give you the expedited, safe and affordable shipping options you need for flaps, slats, nose cowls, engines, engine inlets and other valuable, delicate oversized parts. Our end-to-end logistics provides direct drive of your assets with no consolidation, ensuring security and chain of custody. 

Our innovative trucks have 22’ long, 102” wide boxes with two curtain sides for easier and safer loading of extremely large, heavy parts. Each truck is equipped with AirRideControl™, a unique vibration monitoring system that ensures the AirRide functionality is working properly at all times. As a result, these aviation-focused trucks meet the Department of Defense and military specifications required for shipping critical components, which means your parts are moved in the safest environment available for ground transportation today.

Sterling’s AeroRide solution offers the industry’s fastest response and delivery times combined with unparalleled security and asset protection, since components are inside the covered truck from pick up through delivery. Specifically, our aviation shipping expertise gives you access to best-in-class ground logistics with:

  • 24/7 Immediate solutions with pick up round-the-clock, 365 days a year
  • Direct drive services only with no consolidation for end-to-end security
  • Custom-built team straight trucks designed especially for moving oversized, fragile aviation components
  • Two custom curtain sides for side loading oversized, heavy freight
  • Complete AirRide monitoring data for an unmatched quality control, asset protection and chain of custody
  • Dedicated, specially trained drivers for the fastest and safest delivery any time of the day or night
  • Full HAZMAT certification for handling dangerous goods, if needed
  • Point-by-point notifications and traffic updates so we can reroute instantly as necessary
  • Real-time GPS tracking via QuickOnline, our Web-based shipping management system
  • Automatic proof of delivery by phone, fax, email or text, as well as via QuickOnline

When it comes to aircraft parts shipping, leave it to the logistics experts. Sterling’s AeroRide Priority Ground Logistics service will get your critical parts to you the Sterling way – safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

For more information download our AeroRide Brochure or call 800-633-6666 Option 4.