Dangerous Goods AOG part needed in the US for weekend delivery

Dangerous Goods AOG part needed in the US for weekend delivery

Case Study Aviation



A major commercial carrier in the US had an AOG situation in Charlotte, North Carolina. The part that needed replacing was designated as Dangerous Goods and sourced in Hong Kong on Friday evening. Normally this type of Dangerous Goods shipment can be transported on any commercial aircraft. However, most airlines in Hong Kong are closed for Dangerous Goods bookings over the weekend – but the customer could not wait until Monday to request a booking.


  • Dispatched a driver in Hong Kong immediately upon request to pick up the Dangerous Goods item for storing overnight in a secure facility
  • Located an airline accepting Dangerous Goods bookings
  • Booked shipment on the Next Flight Out to Atlanta first thing on Saturday morning
  • Provided client with an approximate ETA for delivery in Charlotte and communicated with client and consignee’s broker throughout transport
  • Provided real-time updates to the client on the status of the transshipment to coordinate the maintenance check
  • Delivered part within 72 hours of the original request
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