Multi-faceted solution helps OEM meet tight deadlines

Multi-faceted solution helps OEM meet tight deadlines

Case Study Aviation



An airline manufacturer and supplier was on a very tight production deadline to deliver aircraft on time to their clients. They needed a number of large parts shipped across the US to two different locations. Ground transportation would have taken 4 to 5 days – resulting in the OEM missing their deadlines and incurring penalties.


  • Immediately booked a charter aircraft that could accommodate the oversized aircraft parts
  • Arranged for Sterling’s specialized AeroRide™ team straight trucks to pick parts up and deliver to the charter aircraft
  • Charter aircraft was positioned, loaded and departed within 2 hours
  • Offloaded parts at the first stop and delivered to the manufacturer via AeroRide trucks
  • Charter departed for the second stop and were again delivered via AeroRide trucks
  • Provided updates at each milestone to allow the OEM to schedule staffing and production to meet their deadlines
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