Priority Services

On-Board Courier


When it comes to a grounded aircraft, every minute counts – and sometimes the AOG parts you need are not just urgent, but also extremely valuable or fragile. That’s why Sterling offers an On-Board Courier service when time and security are especially critical.

Aircraft parts shipments are hand carried by a Sterling courier who personally escorts and delivers your package directly to your recipient. That means your AOG shipment can simply be walked onto another flight if there are any delays and can clear customs at any time of the day or night.

Secure hand delivery of critical aircraft parts

Our On-Board Courier – Hand Carry service gives you the highest level of security and reliability with: 

  • 24/7 priority pick up and delivery to and from anywhere in the world – including door-to-door same day service in the US and next day delivery to most international locations
  • The fastest possible delivery times with the option to combine the On-Board Courier service with any of our AOG logistics solutions, including Next Flight Out and Global Air Charter
  • An unmatched chain of custody since aircraft parts are never out of the hands of our courier who safeguards your shipment through to final delivery
  • Real-time tracking, alerts, and communications via QuickOnline – our advanced logistics software that provides shipment status at every milestone and logistics management tools
  • Round-the-clock access to certified IATA experts for dangerous goods shipments who are fully up-to-speed on the global rules and regulations and can help you prepare paperwork and ensure compliance
Urgent AOG situation strands 335 passengers in 86 fahrenheit/30 celcius temperatures
Case Study

Urgent AOG situation strands
335 passengers in 86 fahrenheit
/30 celcius temperatures

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