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From OEMs and MROs to Corporate and Commercial aviation providers – effectively managing your spare parts inventory in the aftermarket can help you retain customers, recapture value and reduce write-offs. That involves distributing parts quickly and strategically as well as moving assets efficiently through the return, repair and return-to-service process, which can be complex when you’re dealing with a network of core returns and component lifecycles.

That’s why Sterling developed its specialized Reverse Logistics program specifically to simplify the process for you. From moving repairs and retrofits to end-of-life asset recovery and hazardous materials, we have the right logistics solutions to get your shipments where they need to be on your time frame. We'll monitor and track your serviceable and unserviceable assets from beginning to end – through the entire supply chain network and back to you.

Round-the-Clock Reverse Logistics Support

Our experienced AOG and Reverse Logistics experts will work with you to customize a solution that meets your specific needs, giving you:

  • 24/7 priority pick up and delivery to and from anywhere in the world, including door-to-door, counter-to-counter, door-to-airport, hold for pick up and drop shipping services
  • Fast, secure air and ground transportation solutions including Next Flight Out, Next Drive Out, Global Priority Freight, On-Board Courier – Hand Carry and Global Air Charters as well as our custom AeroRide™ Priority Ground Logistics
  • An unmatched chain of custody with individual tracking that monitors each shipment from pick up through delivery using the unique aircraft part ID, with point-by-point notifications at each milestone for unprecedented visibility into your assets
  • Access to certified IATA experts who are fully up-to-speed on the global rules and regulations governing dangerous goods transport to ensure compliance
  • Tailored reports detailing aircraft parts numbers, serial numbers, aircraft FIN numbers and more for a snapshot inventory and off units
  • GPS capabilities to track and monitor the exact time in transit with instant notification of potential delays so shipments can be rerouted quickly
  • Real-time tracking, alerts, and communications via QuickOnline – our advanced software that provides logistics management tools and shipment status at every milestone
  • Long-lasting relationships with an extensive global airline network that allows us to choose the fastest and safest route for your shipments – expediting delivery to anywhere in the world
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